The NUÑEZ I NAVARRO organization has as its objective to guarantee that the Quality of the products it offers is fully in line with the expectations of all customers and employees.

 In this regard, we establish and uphold the following principles on matters of Quality, the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety, incorporating them into the decision making process at all levels of the company.

 NÚÑEZ I NAVARRO upholds and applies these policies, conducting its activities in keeping with the principles of action expressed herein, with a commitment to constantly improving the effectiveness of the management system in place, the quality of our processes, our environmental awareness and our handling of occupational health and safety.

  • To ensure customer satisfaction.
  • To uphold contractual and customer requirements, as well as all legal and regulatory provisions.
  • To establish working conditions which provide employees with satisfaction and safety.
  • To promote the creation of value, avoiding costs resulting from defective works, delays and any activities that fail to provide real added value.
  • To assess the impacts of inadequate levels of quality, in order to constantly improve our products and services.
  • To prevent pollution, assessing the environmental impact of the activities of each area and establishing measures to prevent or minimize such impact.
  • To uphold all legal requirements designed to prevent or minimize such impact.
  • To introduce improvements over time in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in the projects we perform, providing customers with products and services that benefit the environment.
  • To provide training and awareness for company staff, as well as for collaborators from each project, on environmental concerns.
  • To improve waste management by reducing waste output, increasing reuse of waste and encouraging recycling.
Health and Safety
  • To prevent damage and deterioration to health by planning, organizing and implementing sufficient preventive monitoring in order to reduce hazardous situations in works and services performed.
  • To uphold all applicable legal requirements, internal regulations and other applicable provisions, executing works and services with a high level of safety.
  • To build awareness of Health and Safety concerns throughout the company, in order to efficiently integrate Prevention policies.
  • To involve all interested parties (customers, suppliers, subcontractors and company staff) in preventive management, in order to improve our performance over time on matters of occupational Health and Safety.
AENOR Certificates

NÚÑEZ I NAVARRO remains dedicated to its commitments of increasing measures of environmental protection and sustainability, and the development of a safe and healthy working environment.

The effective application of these commitments within the company's promotional department has led to the development of an Integrative System (SIG) for Quality, Environment, Safety and Security, in conformity with the international management standards ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001. The project has been certified by the prestigious entity AENOR.

NÚÑEZ I NAVARRO is one of the largest developers and builders in the private sector, and has obtained certification for the following activities: 

"Real estate promotion (design, construction and sales) of residential apartment buildings, offices, commercial spaces, hotels, parking lots, industrial buildings, health centers, sports facilities, and housing developments." 

The application of SIG has yielded improvements in the management of these processes, as well as in the services the company provides to clients, collaborators, and employees, while strengthening NÚÑEZ I NAVARRO's position in the current market and in future developments.